Luleå Chamber Choir

Vision and goals:

·        Contribute to a rich presentation of music on a high artistic level 

·        Be a sonorous choir with good intonation and expression

·        Perform choral music at its best

·        Perform music of different genres and from different epochs

·        Give regular concerts and expose to media

·        Give every singer a chance of development

·        Be characterized of joy and a pleasant atmosphere

·        Actively interest young people for singing in a choir


Master piece performances (own productions)


Bach J S:        MASS h-moll (1998) 

Beethoven      L:MASS C-dur (1993) 

Brahms J:       EIN DEUTSCHES REQUIEM (1989, 2003) 


Fauré G:         REQUIEM (2001) 

Harling P:       FOLK DANCE MASS  (2000) 

Händel G F:   MESSIA (2000) 

Isacsson E:     THE HOLE JERUSALEM (1995) 

Mozart W A: REQUIEM  (1988) 

MISSA IN C (Krönungsmesse) (2005) 

Olsson O:       TE DEUM  (2001)

Ramirez A:     MISA CRIOLLA  (2001) 


Master piece performances (co-  productions)


Andersson B/

Ulfvaeus B:     CHESS IN CONCERT (1995)  

Berwald F:     NORRBOTTEN CANTATA (1992)

Ellington D:     SACRED CONCERT (1990, 1995)  

Larson L E:    GOD IN DISGUISE (1992, 2004)  

Lindberg N:    REQUIEM (1994) 

Orff C:           CARMINA BURANA (2002)

Puccini G:       TOSCA (1999)  

Verdi G:         REQUIEM (1997, 2001)



Songs and compositions by


O Adolpssohn, Beatles,  J S Bach motetts, L Bagge Spader Madame,

C M  Bellman, A Berg, J Brahms songs and Zigeunerlieder, Bäck motetts,

G Debussy, D Ellington, Gunnar Eriksson arr, Jan Ferm, Gastoldi, G Gershwin, Grieg, G Hahn, Hulkkonen, Knut Håkansson, Sven Erik Johansson,

Zoltan Kodaly, Lars-Erik Larsson, Nils Lindberg, Norman Luboff,

Frank Martin, Felix Mendelssohn,  Knut Nystedt, Otto Olsson, Carl Orff,

W Peterson-Berger, Gene Puerling, H Purcell, Ildebrando Pizetti, F Poulenc, Arvo Pärt, Rachmaninoff, E Rautaavaara, J Rutter, Jan Sandström,

Sven-David Sandström, M Sciber, J Schein,  Stenhammar, W Swingle, 

L Söderlund, E Taube, G Verdi, Vaugan-Williams, L J Werle, D Wikander 


Brief summaries of some reviews in local newspapers from different concerts by Luleå Chamber Choir, LCC in 2002-2004                            for more information see


21-oct-2002  Carmina Burana by Carl Orff


LCC, highschol students from three cities, a children’s choir and a youth symphomy orchestra. Conductor Leif Carlsson, Rehearsal: Monica Wasberg


An ensemble of 170 singers and 60 musicians are this week performing Carmina Burana in very special concert halls, like a military exercise hall and a bus garage. The lyrics were written in the 12th and 13th centuries. Some parts are sung in Latin and some in rural German. The original music was simple and rhythmical with lots of percussion. Carl Orff created his own piece of music at the verge of World War II. Monica Wasberg, who has done the rehearsal with the large choir, has had a hard job to get a good balance. Aggressive forte pieces are mixed with lyrical and sensitive parts.



24-febr-2003  Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms


LCC, Luleå Symphony Orchestra and soloists. Conductor: Hans Ek, Rehearsal: Monica Wasberg


A big orchestra, LCC and some more singers and the soloists gave the audience a strong musical adventure in the beautiful church. The whole ensemble created a powerful and serene interpretation conducted by the skilful Hans Ek. The choir deserves extra praise for its richness and harmony  which is a result of Monica Wasberg’s rehearsal. The soloist Eva Plumppu is a member of the choir and a brilliant soprano.



8-may-2003  (The Spring Concert)


LCC, Conductors: Monica Wasberg and Eric Ericson


The permanent conductor Monica Wasberg could celebrate her own 10th anniversary with the folk song In our meadow, arranged by Hugo Alfvén. After that the legendary Eric Ericson entered the stage. The choir showed a lot of emotions in both sad folk songs and in the whirling Brusala by Knut Håkansson. The best song tonight was, no doubt, the very complicated Suite de Lorca composed by Einojuhani Rautavaara. The choir was brilliant and got a lot of ovation.




8-may-2004  Songs from far and near – a spring concert.


LCC, Conductor: Monica Wasberg


LCC will be 40 this year, but the celebration will not take place until October. This year’s spring concert became a small performance at the arrival of spring. The program was varied and reminded a lot of Hungary, the destination of a journey later this spring. It started with a trip around the world with Ernest Toch’s Geographical Fugue. The choir always has the ambition of using original languages, so songs were performed in Finnish (Levi Madetoja), in English (Matayas Seiber), in Hungarian (Gyôrgy Ligeti), in Italian (lyrics by Petrarca) and, of course, in Swedish (Nils Lindberg, Moses Pergament, Eric Blomberg and so on). The conductor Monica Wasberg turned out to be worthy of the Cultural Award of her city.



25-0ct 2004  A successful jubilee


LCC, Conductors: Monica Wasberg, Thomas Pleje and Erik Westberg


It is not too difficult to celebrate the choir’s 40th anniversary when so many members from the early years are still vital and can give their contribution. LCC really gave themselves and the audience nostalgic vibrations in the crowded hall Aula Aurora. Former members were invited, some of them dazzling artists today.

The concert was both jolly in When I’m sixtyfour by the Beatles and serious in a reminder of the first conductor, Einar Isacson, who died earlier this year. He gave the choir its character. His composition Oh, Jerusalem got its first performance in 1995.


Monica Wasberg has successfully carried out work with a choir who loves to sing and to accept challenges, for example a song composed for the choir by Karl-Erik Welin about 20 years ago and a new composition by Lars-Johan Werle of a renaissance poem by Petrarca. The choir is now more mischievous than it used to be and performed songs influenced by modern popular music.


Two former conductors Thomas Pleje, director musices at Umeå University, and Erik Westberg, professor at Luleå University also entered the stage. The singers also got a chance to accompany the famous opera singer Birgitta Svendén and one of Finland’s most popular singers Jari Sillanpää.

Music for a while by Henry Purcell was performed with the singers standing around the walls of the hall and the soprano soloist Eva Plumppu high up on a gallery.


After flowers and ovation the chairman of the Choir Association made a speech and stated that  Luleå Chamber Choir is on the front line of Swedish choirs and a role model with its determined choice of repertoire and its high standards.